A wise man once said “If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done you will get the same results”. So is it time to try something new if so come and see us at Sittingbourne Martial Arts where you’ll receive encouragement every step of the way




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Saturday New Timetable

From Saturday 2nd April we will be running a new timetable:-

Little Samurai 9:45-10:15

Family Class (beginners-green belts 6th kyu) 10:15-11:00

Extension Class (red belt 9th kyu-green belt 6th kyu) 11:00-11:15

Family Class (blue belts  5th kyu-black belt) 11:15-12:00



Sensei Brian and Sensai Linda welcome you to Sittingbourne Martial Arts.    This website is for existing members to share martial arts knowledge and pictures and to show new students what we do.   If you have any questions or would like to try a free lesson, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grading Oct 2010

Class Times

Tuesday - Swallows Leisure Centre
5:15-5:45pm Little Samurai
5:45-6:30pm Family Class
6:30-7:15pm Inter/Adv Class
7:15-8:00pm Adult Class

Thursday - Kemsley Primary Academy
5:00-5:30pm Little Samurai
5:30-6:15pm Family Class
7:00-7:45pm Adult Class

Saturday - Rodmersham Village Hall
10:00-10:30am Little Samurai
10:30-11:15am Family Class
11:15-11:45am Inter/Adv Class

Club News

2015: Black Belt Grading

Click Here for Gallery

2015: Thursday Classes are in Kemsley Primary Academy


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