A Kata is a predefined set of moves which must be first learned and then over a long period mastered. Each Kata helps train the student on body movement, stances, hand and foot techniques.

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Kata - Sittingbourne Martial Arts

To achieve blackbelt at our school you must become proficient with 6 Kata in the Wado Ryu style.   Below the list of Kata you will learn in order.   The PDF link is a move by move reference sheet.

  • Pinan Nidan PDF
  • Pinan Shodan PDF
  • Pinan Sandan PDF
  • Pinan Yodan PDF
  • Pinan Godan PDF
  • Kushanku PDF

These videos can be used too for learning purposes.  Note styles do vary and there will be slight differences to what is taught in class.

The final 4 kata are taught to black belts only.

Pinan Nidan


Pinan Shodan


Pinan Sandan


Pinan Yodan


Pinan Godan












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